Helping you create inspiring stories which attract the right people and grow your team

Creating inspiring stories that attract the right people, build your reputation and promote your expertise

Gain more recognition and credibility by helping small business owners overcome problems you’ve already resolved. This is your invitation to document your insights and experiences in a unique business book.
You’ll be given professional help, support and guidance throughout. You’ll be one of 12 distributors
contributing to an enormous learning resource to help small business owners.

Seven promotion plans to promote your expertise
and generate new leads

Designed to suit a variety of budgets
Key features and what you get from each plan
Plan 1 £269 Plan 2 £369 Plan 3 £499 Plan 4 £799 Plan 5 £899 Plan 6 £1499 Plan 7 £1699
Planning your story
tickInterview, idea generation and telephone mentoring
tickProfessional copywriting, editing and proofreading
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
Biography, portrait photo and contact details
tickYou’ll need to supply your own photo
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
Ebook chapter to promote your expertise
Front cover personalised with your name and book title
tickUse to promote yourself as a published author.
tickSupplied as PDF with PFB book promotion on back cover
tickScreencast video embedded in PDF ebook (with plans 3-7)
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
tickEbooks distributed via Amazon’s Kindle
tickiBook store and other epub reader devices
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
Book marketing (ongoing)
tickBook reviews, business networking organisations
tickSocial media marketing
tickYouTube videos and radio
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
Opportunity to become PFB partner
tickCreate multiple author ebooks based around your industry
tickGenerate regular income from fees
tickReceive ongoing commission from unit sales
tickLearn more about the PFB partner plan
tick tick tick tick tick tick tick
Professional LinkedIn profile
tickRewrite of your LinkedIn profile to position you as expert
tickOptimised with relevant keywords to generate more inquiries
tickEbook/audio offer added to improve profile marketing
tickProfile marketing and network expansion tips
tick tick tick tick
Screencast video (approx 1.5 to 3 mins)
tickBased on ONE key idea from your ebook chapter
tickYour name and contact details on title card
tickIncludes video script and professional voiceover artist
tickHosted on PFB YouTube channel and linked to your website
tickScreencast video added to your LinkedIn profile
tick tick tick tick tick
Audio book of your chapter
Your story read by professional voiceover artist to help market your story. Offered in mp3 format.
tick tick tick
Email marketing campaign to promote your expertise using ebook chapter
tickCreate single landing page, with signup form for ebook chapter
tickFeaturing book marketing article
tickIncludes copywriting, SEO and design
tick3 targeted email variants and 3 short social media messages.
Custom campaigns can be provided to suit client requirements
tick tick







ebook-coverSo why the book?

by Francis Newman

I was inspired by the people I met at my monthly Pitstop networking events. I heard stories of despair, bravery and success and admired the way people coped with the ups and downs of business, family and relationships. I knew there were more business owners wanting to learn and benefit from people who’ve already resolved the issues they were facing.

So I decided to create a marketing platform to promote small business owners who offered inspiration, guidance and help based on real-world experience to those who needed it. Each contributor would provide insights, tips and practical help on improving business performance and personal relationships.

This is your opportunity to gain more recognition and credibility for helping others.
You’ll be one of 12 distributors contributing to an enormous resource to help entrepreneurs and small business owners.


It’s also an easy route to establishing yourself on the publishing ladder as a credible author.

Becoming a published author will give you increased visibility and credibility, establishing you as an expert in your marketplace. This book is about ‘you’ and the many ordinary men and women that put greatness into the economic machine known as Great Britain.

Book structure and focus

The book will be structured into 12 stories each by a separate non-competing distributor. Each story is a self-contained chapter
of about 3,000 words, a biography page and portrait photo. The focus will be on your journey as a business owner, the lessons you’ve learned and how others could learn from and be inspired by your experiences. Tips will be positioned within each topic section
and highlighted in bold throughout your chapter.

Don’t underestimate the value of your hard-earned lessons and experiences.
Other business owners are keen to learn how you resolved the issues they’re currently facing.

As you know, business impacts on your personal relationships such as your partner, family and friends. So whether you’re single,
in a relationship, married, divorced, single parent or coming to terms with a bereavement; thousands more are going through
similar experiences right now and need your guidance, help and encouragement.

This is the untold reality behind the veneer of success and yet we all have to deal with it.

Professional help and support with your story

You’ll receive professional copywriting help with your chapter. I’m keen to help you tell your story. I’ll help you discover your
hidden gems and ensure they’re presented in a compelling way. You’ll be given a topics list covering a wide range of business
and personal issues. It’s up to you to decide what you want to include.

Remember, it’s about your journey in business – the lessons and wisdom you’ve acquired and how others can learn from your experiences.


Apply now and we’ll help you create and promote your story

Complete form below to schedule a convenient time to discuss your ideas over the phone.


Frequently asked questions

Q. What happens after publication?
A. Books will be distributed and promoted through online book sellers such as Amazon Kindle and the iBook store.

Ongoing marketing campaigns using online media such as social networks, video and radio will be used to generate awareness and create partnership sales with business media and networking organisations.

Q. Will the book be available on Amazon Kindle?

A. Yes.

Q. If the book doesn’t go ahead will I get my money back?
A. Yes, you’re entitled to a full refund.

Q. Can two experts from the same profession feature in the book?
A. Yes, but only if their areas of expertise do not overlap. For example, a lawyer specialising in business law could feature alongside a conveyancing lawyer.
But two conveyancing law yers would not be allowed.

Q. Can I promote my ebook chapter and audio on my own website
and social media profiles?

A. Yes

Q. Can I have my company logo on the front cover of my ebook chapter?

A. Yes. The front cover is a personalised with your name, title and logo.

Q. What book marketing will I be expected to undertake?
A. Apart from providing the initial chapter story, there is no marketing commitment required for the contributor plans.
The partnership plans are designed for those interested in developing several books and generating ongoing income.

Q. What would be my involvement in the production of the screencast video?
A. The screencast video would be based on a topic from your chapter. You decide which topic to use.
The voiceover script will be based on your chosen topic and then recorded by voiceover artist.

Q. What limitations are there on the email marketing campaign?
A. The email marketing campaign includes creation of single landing page, 3 targeted email message variants and 3 short social media posts. Databases and lists not included. Custom campaigns can be provided on request.

Q. Can I pay for Plan 7 in instalments?

A. Yes. You can spread the cost over 2 consecutive calendar months.

First payment due on start date, followed by second payment on same date of second month.


Francis Newman, Pitstop for BusinessFrancis Newman

Copywriter, designer, marketer

Francis has been running his own marketing communications agency, Message Matters
for over 25 years. He specialises in helping experts and their teams transform their expertise into credible propositions for web and print campaigns.

Words and images are carefully crafted into memorable key messages that deliver
measurable responses.

Francis has worked with many large businesses and organisations including: British Red Cross, Dunlop Aerospace, Mitsubishi Corporation, Post Office, Racal Electronics Group, Sedgwick Europe, Stena Line and Unisys.

He’s now using his expertise to promote small business owners through shared learning.

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