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Pitstop for Business builds on previous success with a wealth of tips and fascinating stories

Like most areas of life, people prefer learning from those who’ve already succeeded in what they’re trying to achieve. People who’ve been through the mill of experience and keen to share their lessons, tips and advice to help others on their journey.

Pitstop for Business is about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs gain recognition and earn royalties for the educational contribution they make to helping other business owners.

We help people identify and communicate their most valuable skills and knowledge and provide the marketing expertise, tools and ongoing support to create a culture of mutual help and shared learning.

The emphasis is on imparting wisdom gained through practical experience and presented in a straightforward and no-nonsense way. We’re not here to tell you how to run your business or to provide structured training courses.

Think of each inspiring idea as a pit stop on your journey to success.

Pitstop riverside networking club

Pitstop riverside networking events

Pitstop riverside networking

Pitstop for Business started out as a monthly networking club for small
business owners.

I was often asked at networking meetings for marketing and general business advice and would seek a quiet corner for a one-to-one advice session. I realised people wanted more than just contacts. They wanted sensible advice and feedback on their ideas too.

Reflecting on this over coffee, I started looking for a suitable venue to host my networking club. I found a delightful riverside pub in Chiswick, the Bell & Crown with an equally charming proprietor, Gerardine who loved the idea and agreed to host my Pitstop meetings in May 2005.

The Pitstop idea was about giving small business owners a place to stop by and reflect on their business: sound out new ideas, receive free advice and make friends with like-minded people. This created opportunities for the advisers who were known as mechanics.

Pitstop meetings were free of charge and offered one-to-one advice sessions in a wonderful riverside setting. Each month a team of mechanics offered practical advice to visitors.

The Pitstop club grew rapidly from 44 to over 450 people and was a big success.

Francis Newman, Pitstop for Business

Francis Newman

Copywriter, designer, marketer

I’ve been running my own marketing communications agency, Message Matters for over 25 years. I specialise in helping experts and their teams transform their expertise into credible propositions for web and print marketing campaigns.

Words and images are carefully crafted into memorable and engaging key messages that deliver measurable responses.

I’m fortunate to have worked for many large businesses and organisations including: British Red Cross, Dunlop Aerospace, Mitsubishi Corporation, Post Office, Racal Electronics Group, Sedgwick Europe, Stena Line and Unisys.

I’m now using my expertise to promote entrepreneurs and small business owners through shared learning.

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