Why sharing your personal story will unlock greater success for you and your network marketing team

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by Francis Newman.

As with most areas of life, people are attracted to people with similar values and outlook to themselves. And network marketers are no exception.

People looking for a network marketing opportunity are interested in joining a great team not a company. They’re looking for an inspiring team leader who will guide and mentor them to achieve their desired lifestyle.

Tom Schreiter (one of the world’s leading network marketing trainers who has travelled the world promoting his business) says ‘people want to know about the person presenting first.’ The company, product and compensation plan are secondary.

So that makes your personal story an important part of your marketing. How you present your story will make the difference between attracting like-minded people and having to search for them.

How to put together a credible network marketing story


Your story documents the experiences of your life’s journey. No one else has experienced what you’ve been through and that gives you a unique perspective. Sure, people have ‘similar’ experiences, but your insights will be exclusive to you. This is the basis of your story, so long as you keep this is in mind and stick to it.

Here are my guidelines for planning a credible story

1. Identify landmark events in your life. These are often opportunities disguised as turning points such as redundancy, divorce, marriage, new baby or a friend introducing you to a valuable contact.

2. Describe the circumstances around each event and put them into sequence. Include the personal and business challenges you faced such as being a single parent working part-time and building a business. Don’t dwell on negative experiences, but don’t leave them out either – nobody’s life is perfect.

3. Instil confidence in your prospect. They need to feel that with your help, they’ll achieve their desired lifestyle too and help others do the same.

4. Demonstrate your commitment to helping people. Offer to guide and mentor them through their own challenges. This is what being a true leader is about.

5. Be sincere and friendly and don’t promise anything you can’t deliver. Use your own words as much as possible and make a habit of creating more value.

6. Offer your best tips and guidelines for free.

7. Avoid superficial fill-in statements such as: “I wanted to earn extra income and spend more time with my family” “I was tired working for someone else and now I work for myself” “I’m earning full-time money on part-time hours working from home” “I wanted to be my own boss and work when I want to“

The above clichés may well be true, but due to repetition and misuse they lack credibility and sound like hyped sales pitches – result, people get bored, switch off and the opportunity is lost.

People want to hear your story


People learn and remember more through storytelling than lecturing. And everyone has a unique story waiting to be discovered and told. If you want to create educational stories for your team members to help them grow and prosper, but don’t have the time and resources to do it, then professional help is available. We’ll provide professional copywriting, marketing and graphic design services to help you transform your hidden assets into a credible story.

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