Seven ways to improve your marketing message and stand out from your rivals

by Francis Newman.

Whether it’s a video, website or brochure, you’ll want to get your knowledge and skills across in a way that sounds credible and convincing.

People won’t listen if they’ve heard it before. So be new and tap into your own experience. It’s where your true USP (unique selling proposition) lies.

Discovering your hidden gems and expressing them in a convincing and credible way is the key to successful messaging.

Here are 7 tips to help you:

Discovering and explaining your hidden gems

1.  Avoid using generic descriptions and jargon used by other people in your area. You want to stand out – not blend in. Some technical terms are unavoidable, so be sure to explain them. Don’t assume people will know.

2.  Your experience is unique to you and your team. The best way to be original is to tap into your hard-earned knowledge. Start keeping a record of your achievements and what you learned on each project. You’ll be amazed at what you know – and previously overlooked.

3.  Be original and avoid quoting experts and their opinions. You’re promoting your business and not someone else’s. Use your own experience and demonstrate your ideas using practical examples.

4.  When you put together your capability document based on your own experience, you won’t be recycling industry information and relying on clichés and jargon.

Building confidence and trust

5.  Be clear about your promises. Don’t exaggerate benefits and always deliver more than you promised. Keep doing this and you’ll be remembered for integrity.

6.  Be the voice of a friend. Offer advice and help whenever you can. FAQ pages (frequently asked questions) work best in the first person, especially with a photo of the manager.

7.  Be straight and sincere about handing complaints. Polite and helpful instructions can often turnaround departing customers. Be clear about your policy on delays, refunds and returns. Always give a name and use 0800 or 0845 numbers.

So, in summary, getting your sales message right is a combination of reflection, clarity and integrity. It’s all too easy to use ‘me too’ language. You are different, so sell that difference.

Until next time

Francis Newman


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